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The Rock'n Free Life brand


Rock'nFreeLife® is the fusion of two passions that we have been able to unite to offer cap models that impact lifestyles. Be free, claim your style, make this world your new world, be Rock'nFreeLife®!

Influenced by Kustom Kulture born in the United States in the 50's, the creator of the brand, Benjamin Pugnat, accompanied by his partner Jonathan Jablonski, developed this captivating concept at the turning point of a new life, of a rebirth.

It is through their strength of spirit imbued with the rock movement and their thirst for freedom but also through the unfailing support of their partners that Rock'nFreeLife® was born. Today, these two charismatic characters position themselves as fervent ambassadors of the brand and Benjamin designs all the cap models with the help of a designer. It is quite natural that the slogan “Freedom has a brand” took its place in this adventure. The story of the two young creators reflects this desire to change your mindset, to shake up your daily life and to open up the field of possibilities.


Rock'nFreeLife® chooses to produce its caps in limited edition because it is the rarity of a product that makes it so coveted. Each model is manufactured in a certain number of copies and is numbered. It is this bias that pushes us to diversify our collections for ever greater distinction. Let it be said, we are tired of discovering that others have the same hat as us when we thought we were unique. Are you looking for an unusual cap in a rock, sporty, urban or vintage style? Rock'nFreeLife® offers you mixed and unique models. That’s the Rock’nFreeLife spirit.

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