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What are the delivery terms ?

Like the freelife spirit, we're pretty lively at Rock'nFreeLife®! If you place your order before 10 a.m., it will be shipped the same day from Monday to Friday. Orders placed after 10 a.m. are shipped the next morning. If you order on Friday after 10 a.m., your order will be shipped on Monday morning. In terms of delivery times, the team knows that you can't wait to receive your order! Generally speaking, you will receive your package between 24 and 72 working days for home delivery after ordering. Please note: delivery time varies for international orders. You can also track your package with a tracking number which will be provided to you upon validation of the order!

How to return a Rock'nFreeLife product?

Obviously, if your order does not suit you, you can return it to our services for 14 days after receipt. Please note: the return is the responsibility of the customer. The package must be returned to us with all of its original contents. The products must be clean and still labeled in their storage bag for those who have them and accompanied by the purchase invoice. You have the possibility to change models when you return: You must return your package with the invoice and specify the reason for your return. Then, the team invites you to send an email to family@rocknfreelife.com to place a new order. Reimbursement is also possible! In the same way, you will have to return your package with the invoice and request a refund by email.

Difficult to wash your RFL cap? The team shares its secrets with you!
Several options are available to you:
  • You can wash your cap in the washing machine but this is not the preferred option because machine washing can damage the cap and its rigidity. If you can't do otherwise, here are some tips: Washing must be done with cold water and on a delicate program. To hold the cap in place, don't hesitate to fill it with plastic like bubble wrap or something else so that it maintains a nice shape. Avoid putting it in the dryer at all costs if you don't want to find your cap deformed. You will have understood, this is not the best option, but we have others!
  • You can also wash your cap by hand for a more delicate cleaning. Use a cloth that you have previously soaked in a basin of cold water and a little detergent to soak your cap thoroughly. With a toothbrush, you can gently scrub the encrusted stains. Then rinse your cap with clear, always cold water and let it dry. The result is generally quite satisfactory.
  • Last option: washing your RFL cap in the dishwasher. Surprising, no? And yet! In the same way as machine washing, you should fill your plastic cap. Then place it on the location provided for the glasses and start your program as you would for your dishes with tablets or product. The ideal is to run your dishwasher on its shortest program, around 30 minutes. Dry your cap, keeping the plastic inside so that it keeps its shape.
What if we gave you some tips for cleaning your RFL hat?

Are you also wondering how to clean your Rock'nFreeLife® hat? We offer you two options!

  1. All the hats in the Rock'nFreeLife collection are made of acrylic. Our experts recommend hand washing for the care of your hat. In rather lukewarm water with a few drops of shampoo, you can wash your hat by rubbing it gently. However, remain vigilant because it is not recommended to twist it, even to wring it out. To dry your hat, the Rock'nFreeLife® team advises you to place it in a very dry absorbent towel then let it drip onto another towel. If you don't want to distort your Rock'nFreeLife® hat, avoid stretching it out.
  2. You can also clean it in the washing machine although we advise you to favor the hand wash option. Before putting your hat in the washing machine, make sure you have a special cover that you can use for lingerie for example or, failing that, in a pillowcase. The team advises you to use a special wool detergent and wash it on a delicate and cold program. Spinning in a machine should be prohibited if you want to keep the shape and hold of your Rock'nFreeLife® hat. To dry it, use the same technique as if you were washing it by hand.
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Where are Rock'nFreeLife products made?
Our products are manufactured in the following countries:
  • Caps, Bobs, Hats, Beanies, Boxers, Keyrings: RPC
  • Socks: Türkiye
  • T-Shirts: Portugal
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